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Why do people settle in relationships?

Relationships are as mysterious as Stonehenge, the City of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. You see so many couples that make no sense and wonder why they stay together seeing that they are so unhappy.

You see or may be one that is in a relationship with someone that has no trust for the other and neither one have anything in common. You can see the awkwardness and the dissatisfaction, so why do they stay together, why do people settle in relationships? Continue reading

7 Must Have Techniques To Attract Women

techniques to attract womenIt seems that getting dates and attracting women is still after all these centuries, a mystery for many men. So many misleading and confusing theories that are out there and many experts that are selling you complex crap when I think it is more basic and follows an easier common sense approach.

Men are told by their mothers to be nice and gentlemanly, our fathers tell us to play hard to get and games. Men’s buddies feed us a bunch of lines and many pickup-artist offer advice to be yourself and all of these just don’t seem to work. Continue reading

16 signs you are not ready to date

Dating own its own is something that takes some effort and understanding, but venture down that road after a breakup brings about many more concerns you should think about. Are you actually ready to get back out there and date again?

For some, the question could be, have you ever actually dated to start with? There are signs you are not ready to date and you really should look for them to avoid pain and possibly more heartache.

Continue reading

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