Men are like children when it comes to women, they lose any real sense they might have had. When it comes to trying to talk to a woman. A man either acts way to shy and nervous or like an idiot buffoon. So, just how do you approach women?

How Do You Approach Women

Men being in touch with their inner child, can be playful and even funny. They can also come off as timid or even defensive. Both of these are a bit of a sign of insecurity. If a guy walks up to a woman nervous as hell. This will in turn make her feel nervous.

A guy taking the opposite approach, being cocky and trying to be full of jokes can also go wrong. Although, making a girl laugh and smile is the right direction, you don’t want to come off completely insincere. Or worse, representing yourself as someone just full of it or himself.

The ultimate “NO NO” is to approach a woman with a one track mind. As in, don’t go on about how hot she is and how you want to do her every which way possible. Women love sex just as much as any man, but can easily be turned off by an over-direct approach.

Don’t Be A Creep!!

How Do You Approach WomenMeeting people in general isn’t always easy, there is always that moment of awkwardness at first. However, when it is a man approaching a woman, a whole new level of awkward can come into play. So, how do you approach women without coming across as weird or like a creep?

The saying, “Just Be Yourself,” should come into play here, but is it good enough? If yourself is a very insecure person with zero confidence, then your most likely doomed. Women can smell guys being fakes from a mile away, it would be hard to pretend confidence.

You have to be careful what you say and how you say it when you approach women. Complimenting their looks can make you seem like a pervert. Commenting on how you were watching them, can make you come off like a stalker.

Coming off with stupid cheesy pickup lines just tells here all you want is sex. This just shows no respect for her at all. Offering her favors when you don’t even know them, can make you appear that you have a hidden agenda.

Your best approach is just talk to them like you would anyone else. Acting like you singled them out from a huge crowd can go two ways. It can be flattering if your approach is right. Or it can come off like you are a deranged serial killer. There are ways to talk to and attract women, Read the 7 Must Have Techniques To Attract Women.

Practice Your Social Skills

Before taking on trying to learn the skill of approaching women. It might be best to learn social skills in general first. If you are lucky and have a true real friend, get their feedback of how they feel you are perceived by others. Constructive criticism can be really helpful.

Note: If your friend does nothing but negatively criticize you, ditch them. They are not your true friend, learn more about what a true friend is.

To boost your social skills, start up conversations with people everywhere. When you are at the grocery store or a hardware store, or any place there are people. Talking to another guy should be easy enough but also talk to women. Pick women you know you are not going to be interested in.

Get all the practice you can, because in time, just talking will get so easy. This will help your confidence and make you more comfortable in your own skin. How do you approach women? You do it with confidence, which women find extremely attractive.

Part of learning social skills is learning to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to try and learn new things that isn’t your norm. This is like working out your muscles. The more you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. The easier you will be prepared for a range of situations and conversations.

Practice Humor

Women love a guy that can make them smile or laugh. But this doesn’t mean you need to become Jerry Lewis. When being blatant with humor, you can come off as fake or that you are hiding your insecurities.

Part of practicing your humor, also is practice of getting out of your comfort zone. Put yourself in a situation that puts you out of your comfort zone. Try a crowded elevator for an experiment.

Next time you are on an elevator with several people, try this little test out. Blurt out something funny or silly, possibly an old dad joke. If you get someone to comment back or snicker. Just tell them “shhh, I don’t think we are supposed to be talking here”. Learn to take life with a sense of humor and make that part of who you are.

Don’t make everything a joke, there is a time and a place for humor. How do you approach women? Do it with a light-hearted good sense of humor, but be genuine as well.

Never make fun of people, at least not at first and not very much. Making fun of another woman to a woman can get you marked as Captain Jerk. Taking life with an easy and fun stride, comes off as someone confident.

Don’t Be Prejudice

Part of you improving your social skills, always say hello when you walk by women. Don’t be an ass and only say hello to the hot girls. You don’t like being ignored or over looked, why would anyone else.

Remember, you are trying to become fluent in being sociable. This means that you treat everyone the same, with a positive and friendly attitude. You are trying to make this apart of who you are. As I said, women can smell flakes and fakes from a mile away.

If you are comfortable, and even like being sociable, you will promote confidence. This kind of behavior can even attract women approaching you. So, “how do you approach women” may not even be a question any longer. You get them to come to you.

How You Approach Women May Not Always Be Necessary

How Do You Approach WomenAs much a guy might want to go up to a girl and start talking to her, he may not have to. Quite often, the woman wants to get to know you. Some can be bold enough to come and approach you. With others, you just need to pay attention to the signs.

Take notice if you keep seeing the same woman at specific locations. Perhaps in the elevator at work or the same bus stop every morning. Granted, this could be coincidence or you both are on the same time schedule. You can always test things to see but this could be a sign she is interested in you.

Also notice if a woman is obvious about making eye contact with you. There are other little things, like ensuring they can get close to you. They might act mean or start playful arguments. One giveaway is always making an excuse to see you.

We guys can often be clueless, so pay attention to your surroundings and situations, you might be missing something. However, if you notice a girl paying attention is a subtle way. This might be one you would want to approach.

Keep The Mystery

When talking to women, or anyone really. Don’t spell out every detail of your life. Sometimes, it is hard to fight that urge. We all have past and have had hard times, so we want to share the stories. But when it comes to talking to women, the less you say, the more mysterious you are.

Don’t worry, if you get a date and it turns into something. Then you will have time to share your stories over time. Just pace yourself, keep things in reserve to ensure your life always has something to share.

If she ask you what do you do for a living, come up with something cute. Don’t tell her you sweep floors at a school. Say you play an important role at a university. Or be really cute and say that you are FBI. Your mission is to investigate women that put their makeup on while driving.

It is OK, to tell what you do, what part of town you live or even your favorite music. Just don’t come off needy seeking validation in your life choices. Be proud of who you are and own it. Just give her high level info and keep the details to a minimum.

Remain A Challenge

We all have seen how women flock to bad-boys. It isn’t that these types of guys turn out to be their dream guy. They are attracted to the confidence these type guys emit. Bad-boys look at women as a dime a dozen. They don’t bank their entire existence on getting a girl’s number. Women find men like this as a challenge. Which creates sexual tension and chemistry.

Well, you don’t have to be a bad-boy to be a challenge and create that attraction. Be the nice guy that you are, but don’t be needy. Be your own person and let her know that you are interested but you can go on just fine without her. Don’t be a butt about it but convey that you like yourself and are happy the way you are.

Women love to change men and to know they can get power over them. You stay true to who you are, this will drive her crazy. If she doesn’t like a certain song and you said you did, do not back pedal. Stand your ground, this promotes lots of confidence and that is what women want in a man.

How Do You Approach Women?

Here are just a few ideas on how to approach women.

  • Be positive and sociable
  • Do not be cocky or over confident, do not come off arrogant
  • Avoid commenting her on her looks
  • Try your best to read her body language, if it is saying back off, respect that and just walk away
  • Ensure that your setting is right, trying to start a conversation in a loud location probably won’t work
  • Don’t compare her to other women or cut down other women in an attempt to compliment her
  • Keep it light-hearted, friendly and try to at least get her to smile
  • Remember, every time you walk up and try to start a conversation with a woman. This is your audition. You are not the first to try and won’t be the last. So, you have to be different, at least genuine.

There are more techniques than this, and really you should really get advice from a professional. I know of a pro that can get women all day long and does. This guy Joshua really knows his stuff and has put together a course to help other men. There is more information on him in the free book I am giving away below.

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