Is online dating much different than in person dating? Does it require a whole different set of skills to master online dating? The answer is kind of yes and no, there are some differences and similarities. Follow this online dating advice for men to improve your chances with online dating.

online dating advice for men

The best dating advice a man could get is, know what you want. This means, before you get out in the dating world, regardless online or not. Know what what you are generally looking for. Too many guys get on dating sites looking for anything and everything. In other words, shooting blindly in the dark just hoping to hit something.

Get To Know Yourself

One major issues in relationship failures is not knowing yourself. There is no way anyone else is going to get to know who you are if you don’t. we all have to figure out who we are we go along in life. Things change along the way, so there is always a learning curve.

Many are guilty of not knowing who they are, so they just latch on to someone close by. When dating, many will mimic the other person’s identity to have one of their own. This leads to failure because dating yourself will get boring quickly.

You may have the idea you will just start looking around. Searching with no idea of the type of woman you want. And you know, sometimes you do have to get out there to see who and what you will meet. However, if you are going to spend time and money on a dating site, a true goal would be helpful.

You also need to be 100% honest with yourself. Men tend to look for the physical first, in other words just sex. If that is what you are going to use a dating site for, then go for it. If you are looking for something serious, that is great to. But understand, the approach and branding is different for each.

Creating Your Profile

online dating advice for menThe most valuable online dating advice for men you can get, is your profile. Your profile is the lure and bait. If they suck, you will not get any bites or attention. Saying stupid things like, “was up“, is moronic. Even more ridiculous, are retarded pictures. There are way too many men on dating sites that show pictures of their penis.

Even if you are online solely to just pick up girls for sex, this is usually a turn off. The other thing guys do that is stupid; pictures without their shirts. You may have a killer body, but this is just a turn off. If you are at a swimming pool or at the beach, that makes sense. You want all your pictures to be natural, not trying to show off.

You have got to write your profile where you seem fun and a mystery. Don’t be writing a biography and making points how all the girls in your past screwed you over. No one wants baggage or a rebound reject. Show that you have your life all together. You don’t want to come off that you are banking your existence on the outcome of a dating site.

Good online dating advice for men is not to present yourself desperate or needy. Don’t exploit what a super nice guy you are either. Well unless you are just looking for a pen pal or friend. Use pictures that show you are fun, have a real life and easy going. Your profile should read the same, don’t come off too intense or serious. This profile will work for sexual flings or something serious.

Watch and learn from the master. Derek Cajun shares a few tips on how to set up a great profile that will get you quicker results.


Your Expectations

Many guys have unrealistic ideas about online dating sites, many think they are a quick sex fix. Others feel they are going to quickly get them a wife. A dating site is really just a place to meet women that are also interested in dating. The real date happens in person.

If you get on a site expecting a Jessica Alba lookalike to marry or just for sex. You might want to curb that imagination. There are some hot girls on these sites but don’t expect that is what you will get.

If all you are looking for is hot sex with a hot girl and you think it will be easy. Again, you better knock down the excitement. Dating sites are made for meeting people. You feel out who and what is available to you. Then make a decision on who you want to socialize with.

Some good online dating advice for men when it comes to expectations. Just don’t have any at all, just go with it. Online dating sites taken too seriously can depress you and turn you away from wanting to date.

Phony People

online dating advice for menYou have to realize, some girls misrepresent themselves. Either in pictures or what they write about themselves. Men are also extremely bad about this. Honestly, I am not sure what goes through people’s heads. Do you really think it will be OK, to show up to meet live, as a married – short – fat – bald guy? Especially when your profile says you are tall, athletic and single?

The same goes with women. You think you are going to meet in person, a hot 28 year old girl. What are you supposed to say or do when you finally meet, and she is a 75 year old fat woman? Sadly, you have no control what other people say and do. All you can do is be honest and represent yourself the best you can.

If you are married and looking for some fun, then say so in your profile. There are as many women online looking for that very thing. Why lie to someone that is wanting the forever thing, only to hurt them? This is one of the best online dating advice for men I can give. Be honest and respectful, you can never go wrong that way.

You Are Going To Get Rejected

If you think you are going to get online and go out on a date and not get turned down, you’re dreaming. Expect rejection, it goes with putting yourself out there. Don’t let it bring you down or take it so seriously.

You may hit it off online and have great conversations. However, once you meet in person, the two of you may not click. So, if she rejects you, that’s OK, just take this as practice.

The same goes for online, if you get a reply back from a message, and then you reply back. If she doesn’t respond back, don’t keep sending more messages. That comes off as creepy and desperate. Also, never write messages that she hasn’t replied to as if you were already in a conversation with her.

Sometimes, we also will think we are picking up a tone in a message that might not be the case. Don’t assume a possible negative tone as rejection. That makes you come off as someone that feels sorry for themselves quickly. If you think there is a tone and you’re not sure, just ask. That shows you have confidence.

Just understand that you will face negativity and rejection on dating sites. Just accept it and move on. Dwelling on it or taking it too seriously will hamper your experience.

Ensure You Both Are Looking For The Same Thing

Once you start talking to someone online in back and forth messages. You want to make sure that she is looking for generally what you are. If she is looking to get married or just move in with somebody right away and you’re not. Then you need to let her know where you stand.

This goes back to lying about yourself. Don’t take advantage of the fact you are talking to someone, only to use them to get what you want. In other words, quit giving men a bad reputation by being a user!!!

You also have to be careful with what the girl is saying in her messages. She may be just telling you what you want to hear for her own agendas.

In other words, just because you get a woman to start talking to you online. Don’t get so excited that you are not paying attention to what each are really saying. If you are not sure, be polite but direct and ask. Or make it clear what you want.

If You Do Get A Date

successful dating for menIf your online conversations turn into a live date, know how to behave. First off, if your date turns out not to be fully what she said. Or if her personality doesn’t fit what you are looking for. Be respectful and stay on the date for a short while. As I mentioned, this is practice for you.

Also, if allowing yourself to be a jerk and just walk off. All that does is diminish your character. It also doesn’t hurt to get to know people, in these times, we all live like we are in bubbles anyway. So don’t walk off or sneak out or anything so hurtful.

Another thing you have to realize, once you meet in person, that can be awkward. Your date may be shy and afraid to talk. It is important you lead the conversation, don’t just sit there in silence. Talk about positive things, or your interest. Avoid conversations about religion and politics. These days, those could be fighting words.

If you’re nervous, let her know so she won’t feel alone. Get her to talk about her interest, and always try to be a bit humorous. Don’t make stupid jokes or be annoying. Never assume because you got her to meet you, you’re going to get laid.

Another piece of online dating advice for men. Do not expect there to be a click and Instant Chemistry right away. It often takes 3 or 4 times of meeting someone before both become comfortable enough to drop their guard.

Long-Distance Relationships

It isn’t too uncommon to connect with someone on an online dating site that lives far away. The woman of interest could live in another state to another country. So, unless you are OK with traveling or trying to make this situation work, pay attention to your search criteria.

This can be an important online dating advice for men you should pay attention to. When you are doing your searches for your ideal woman. Ensure that you have your distance and or country selected. You also have to be careful with women lying about their location.

If you feel you can make a long-distance relationship work, then ignore this chapter. However, if you are like some men that have been fooled, pay attention. When communicating with a woman that is supposed to be in your area. Talk about some of the places that you know. Pay attention to her replies and see if she really knows what she is talking about.

The reason you want to monitor this, is because of foreign women or scams. There are foreign women looking to come to the States, hoping to get desperate men to fund the event. The bigger one to watch out for are the scams.

Who Are You Actually Talking To On The Other End Of The Keyboard?

All online dating sites are the playground for scams. I do not care how the site advertises its fantastic screening abilities; scammers find a way to exploit them. As negative as it sounds, you have to question any messages you get when you first sign up. If fact, you have to be careful anytime a woman messages you.

I know that sounds like I am saying no real woman would really want to talk to you. But as I mentioned earlier, women get overwhelmed in messages from men. So, they are careful about reaching out, which means they are not sending out messages often.

The biggest scam is where you get a supposed girl really all into you. She plays it cool, as though she isn’t that easy to get at first. But in time, she is ready to sex you up and movie in with you. She becomes the dream girl ready for just you.

When you start talking about meeting, that is when she tells you the horrible sad story of her situation. Usually, she was traveling and lost her passport. Or she is a native to her country but living in poor conditions and wants a real life. The women are usually always from Ghana or some African place.

Don’t fall for this and never send money because that is all they are after. You have no idea of who you are talking to. It could be some guy living down the street from you for all you know. NEVER SEND MONEY!!!

A Little Trick

If you question who you are talking to. Save their pictures to your computer. Go to Google and click on images toward the right corner. Drag the image over to it and see if this person is someone else.

These scammers often use images of obscure models or images from Instagram. If you let Google search for the image, you may find out that Sally is really Betty, so to speak.

See how easy it is to search the internet for identities of people based on an image:

online dating advice for men

The Online Dating Advice For Men Guide

Let’s go over everything you need to do or not do to get a quality date from a dating site. We will go over the three main key points of your online profile first.

Your Photos

  • Make sure you are not without a shirt unless you are swimming or at the beach. Women are turned off by a guy without his shirt on, especially a selfie. Doesn’t matter how well built you are. Showing off your body is basically saying two things. You are either conceded or all you want is sex. Ever heard of keeping the mystery?
  • If taking a selfie in front of a mirror. Ensure the room you are in doesn’t look like it was hit by a cyclone. This is your first impression to the ladies, so make it a good, one.
  • The best shots are you having fun somewhere, with other people. You want to look like you don’t need anyone. Girls can’t stand needy men, so don’t present yourself as one or that you are alone with no friends. You want to appear independent and somewhat exciting.
  • Do not show pictures of just your kids or animals. Solo shots of other people or animals in your profile can get confusing. A woman viewing your images will probably not get what you are trying to convey. Also, it is completely stupid to put your solo shots of your children on the internet. Use some commonsense!!

Your Actual Profile

  • I highly recommend you go look at other guys profiles and on more than one site. Get an average of all the lame and boring crap they write and don’t do that. Girls read about the same thing on all guy’s profiles.
  • You don’t want to sound like you love yourself more than anyone else could. You don’t want to sound like you are so great that the song “Can’t Touch This” was wrote about you. When first writing about yourself, will come off little boring. I would suggest thinking about things you like to do. Dig a little deeper and think about things you like in a whole. You will probably need to write this a few times before you get it right.
  • Compare what you have seen in other guys profiles and structure your profile apart from theirs. Make it sound exciting but also just enough information to get their interest peaked. Always leave plenty of room for mystery.
  • Be sure to write about your interest and hobbies. Places you have traveled but pick the ones you really have a passion for. Enthusiasm will show in your writing more. But again, compare yours to others and keep it from being boring. Make it sound unique and exciting.

Your Messages

  • When you send a message. Do not use, “Hey”; “What’s Up”; “Your Hot” or any of this type of short or single lined messages. These girls hot or not get 100’s of messages daily. You need to write something that is going to turn on the Vegas Lights and get her attention.
  • Write around a paragraph long. Any less she will feel you don’t think she is worth your time. Any more and you will start to lose her. WOW her, make it funny, say things that will challenge her. Remember, women hate yes men, so it is OK to have a different opinion or idea than her and she will react to a difference of opinion. Make comments on what she is doing in her pictures or where she is at. Don’t comment on her body or looks.
  • Say crazy and fun things. Like you are looking to join a circus as a high wire act and ask her to join you. Tell her you are fixing to give up on society and you’re moving to your own private island. Ask her if she would like to accompany you.
  • Never lie about who you are, the truth will come out at some time. You need to be honest but you don’t need to spill your guts on every aspect of your life. Dating online or off, you have to maintain some mystery. If you tell someone the end of a book, then the desire to read it is most likely gone.

A Few Other Tips

When messaging her, do not bring sex into the conversation. This makes you look like your only interest is sex or that you’re desperate. Don’t be fooled, women love sex as much as any man. However, it is about timing, sex-talk has to be when she is ready. You let here introduce the sex-talk.

Follow her lead on pacing the conversation. If you message a woman, only do it once. Wait for her reply, although, do not instantly reply back. You don’t want to wait a day, but don’t let her think you have nothing else to do but write her.

Be honest with her about your yourself. Of course, if you are struggling to pay your bills or having battles with your ex. Don’t bring those topics up, no one wants someone with a lot of baggage. I wouldn’t recommend telling her lies about your looks or living a fancy life that you don’t. It is better to be modest and humble than to brag about how awesome you are.

Don’t get over zealous about meeting her right away. It is OK to play hard-to-get a little. Don’t over do it and again, try to figure out what she is wanting. If she wants to meet, you can say yes, but pace it a little.

Not only is this good online dating advice for men, but advice for any kind of dating. You have to be confident in any kind of dating. If you don’t believe in yourself, she isn’t going to at all. If you can’t be somewhat assertive and take some charge. She will see you as a friend or a complete turn-off.

Is Online Dating Different Than In Person Dating?

There are some differences but only in the delivery of you. Online has an advantage, you can campaign yourself and all your great qualities. This is very hard to do when meeting someone in person. So, online dating has some great advantages you wouldn’t get with in-person meetings.

However, online dating really only gets you a possible in-person meet. This is the real challenge and where most men fail. Men think if they can just get the girl to meet them in person, then it is a done deal. Sorry guys but most of us suck in person. There are so many ways a man needs to act and carry himself to seal-the-deal.

Men often say stupid things that turn women off. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are or how much money you have. The wrong words will send her off in another direction. A man has to have confidence and it has to be in his body language as well.

A man has to be nice, humble but assertive and a take charge kind of guy, all rolled into one. There is a woman dating coach that covers all of this and more perfectly. You can find her information below. If you want successful dates, check her out…


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