Do you find it hard to forget a negative past?

Do you often feel like you are on the outside looking in?

Just how secure do you feel in your relationship?

Do other people's opinions affect your dating decisions?

Have you lost faith in others to the point of doubting love?

Are you overly worried what reaction you would get letting your interest known?

What Is Stopping Your Romantic Future?
Not Facing Your Past

Somewhere in your past, you've experienced something some kind of trauma or a bad psychological impression or a really bad experience that you can’t seem to forget consciously or subconsciously. Trauma is a type of stress disorder - go to to find out more about what Trauma means, you could have it...

This past experience has disturbed by ever since and you may not be aware that it is hindering a brighter future. These things can often take a long time to get over or perhaps never, it really depends on you. You need to look at current failing points in your life and think about the feeling or emotion that might have caused the failure.

You may find that this feeling stems from an event in your past. Find a friend to talk to about this or someone you can trust that is impartial, you can’t keep it bottled up your whole life. My motto is, don’t let the past bad guys win by robbing you of your future.

Feeling Lonely

There are many that feel lonely even when they are in a room full of people. This comes from feeling like they are not important or that no one cares or feeling useless. This often comes from having a low self-esteem or a lack of confidence or just being shy. Introverts feel this way more than most because they feel they don’t fit in, that they are so indifferent that no one would ever understand them.

Remember, everyone and I mean everyone has a purpose and is at the same value as anyone else. We all have our parts like a cog on a gear. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or a sanitation worker. People seem to forget that without all the roles and different jobs that there are, that would mean one would have to do it all.

A doctor isn’t going to be a good doctor if he has to spend a good portion of his time cleaning up his office, the operating room all the way to taking the trash out and then taking it to a landfill would he? So every part we all play in life is just as important.

People tend to feel that whatever makes them feel isolated is only happening to them, no one else would know. Well that is never true, the world is a big place and someone else is or has gone through the same thing.

So next time you are out in a group of people or if you are with you significant other and you start to feel alone, remember, you are just as important as anyone else and anything that is bothering you to make you feel alone, take comfort and strength that you are not the only one in the world feeling that feeling. We are never alone so talk to someone you can trust about this, don’t stop your life over a negative feeling.


Insecurity is very readily common for most people in some form or another. We all put demands on ourselves even when we don't realize it. We look in the mirror and see all the imperfections. We stand next to someone tall and we feel inadequate or stand next to someone really above average looking and feel ugly.

Everyone is special and unique and everyone has someone that finds us just perfect the way we are. There is nothing wrong with a little competition or a little admiration but NEVER put yourself down because someone else might have something better.

Everyone, even the tallest or hottest people have insecurities, we all wished we were better at something but that is OK, that just means we have a new goal. It is when you stop caring is when you have problems. Just don't let failures or having less of something become an obsession. Concentrate on what you do have or can do that is great or different than others, even if it is your big ole lovable heart.

Friends and Family Peer Presure

Many people allow friends and family to sway their decisions by their opinions on why they think you should be with. And even if you are not allowing it, the peer pressure can affect your dating life or current relationship.

Remember, it is your life and you are the one that lives it. No one, no matter who they are can live your life for you. It is important to listen to what others have to say, and if you are being warned for a possible valid reason that the person you like might be bad for you in some way, you should decide for yourself if this may be the case.

But allowing others to influence you in who you like or shouldn't like is basically giving your own identity away and in the end, who is it that is going to be alone at night, the ones giving advice or you?

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Can't Let Go of a Heartbreak

No one should ever bring the last relationship into a new or current relationship but more people do than you realize.

Some call this "baggage" others just call it "not letting go" but either one is bad. We all have had our hearts broken and sometimes it takes time to get over it but you have to know you can't immediately go grab a new person expecting them to fix what hurts, that is considered "using a person" or "being on the rebound".

You really only have two choices here, stay in love with a memory or move on to love again. Dwelling on what was is only keeping you from realizing why it didn't work to start with.

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Lack of Confidence

People with little to no confidence tend to not believe in themselves and have a lot of self-doubt. This is usually the biggest factor of why people can't get dates and get stuck in the friend zone.

There are many ways to build up your confidence level but it starts with you being determined to start believing in yourself. Believe that you are a special and just as important as anyone else. You can find more on building your confidence and bettering your romance at

Nothing is or ever will

I believe in romance and being in love and I am not letting friends, family, status, my past or anything stop me from being happy with someone. Even if a relationship fails, I will pick myself back up and keep moving forward.

Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone is a worthwhile person and no one is above the other. I understand that sometimes our personalities just don't match and sometimes there are just bad eggs out there but there is no reason for any of that to prevent me from having a wonderful loving future.

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