About No More Friend Zones

Hoping to help others find happiness

Why This Site Is Here

No More Friend Zones was created in hopes that it would help others. Divorce rates are astounding, and more and more people prefer not to be committed. Women want to be better than a man, and men don’t know what being a man is anymore. Love is becoming a lost emotion.

The theory is that women only want rich, handsome or status quo men. This isn’t true at all, although I am sure that is on their list. Women want what they can’t have, they want someone that challenges them. Too many men feel catering to the girl of his dreams will win her love. When in reality, every time he caters to her, he falls deeper into the friend-zone.

I wanted to create a site that talks about this messed up way of attraction, and how to make some sense of it. Too many people out there in general open themselves up to be use and abused over someone they like. Someone needs to speak up and say something, so I created this site to do just that.

I also wanted a place for others to be able to share their love stories or even the horror stories at. The only way we will learn is to listen. Learn from other’s mistakes. Stop doing the same failing thing, over and over again. This is a place to read articles about love and romance, and how to achieve it. People to write their on articles. Also, a place you might find useful products and information to put you in life where you want to be.