Getting your Ex back through texting, is that even possible or just some crazy idea or scheme? Wouldn’t be nice if you had some sort of chilling technique that could actually bring back your Ex? Well, that is the Ex is worth bringing back, some should stay that way. However, if there are circumstances in which getting your lost love back is worth it. Then why not try to text your Ex back?

How To Text Your Ex Back

You have to question yourself first, do you want your ex back? I mean there is a reason you broke up. However, there could be reasons that might warrant another try. A phone can be a handy and powerful means of communications. But phones, apps or books do the real work, you do. No matter the means of communication, you are the one that has to know what to say. I understand, that can be a bit scary, how do you say the right thing?

I wouldn’t go off and start texting just anything, that could permanently close any chance you have. You first need to think about who dumped whom. If you were the one dumped, you need to know why. This means carefully look at both sides and be honest with yourself. This will give you a chance to decide if the ex is really worth getting back.

10 Common Reasons Relationships Fail

  • Trust Issues
  • Different Expectations
    • Mister/Miss Right or Mister/Miss Right Now?
    • Differences in Priorities
  • Moving Through Life at Different Speeds
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Narcissism
  • Relational Abuse
  • Life Habit Abuse
  • Grown Apart, Boredom, Staleness, Rut
  • Money Issues

Timing is everything

text your ex backEven if you have an idea what to say to text your ex back. It really is about knowing the right time to text it. Of course, what to say is also crucial. If you think you an come up with some clever lines or use pickup lines, stop now! You certainly cannot bombard their phone with text all day like some psycho.

Dropping little lines of curiosity, or perhaps a reminder of a good time you shared. Don’t come off needy or that you are really that interested. Just probe their situation and their mood. With the responses you get, could gibe you an opening to strike up more. However, it is timing, you have to wait for the right time to act.

If you get the person to respond after the first text. You don’t assume your in and sex is the next step. It is like fishing; you wait till you get a good bite before reeling them in. You have to wait till you are on a good communication level before pushing it to move forward.

Testing Your Aim

text your ex backLike firing a warning shot across another ships bow. You want to test to see what kind of reaction you get if any. The goal is not to make demands, threaten them or beg them. Your goal is to remind them that you are still around. You do this by reminding them of the good times and what was positive.

For example: Text them saying; how you were stuck in traffic. And ironically you stopped right by the restaurant you went to on your first date. And how that actually made you forget about being stuck in traffic, even made you smile.

Or text saying; you just either saw a movie or a trailer. One that had an actor you both liked and reminded you of the movie you watched together and laughed so hard at.

Make subtle reminders but make it something positive and don’t’ overdo it. If they do not reply, that’s OK. Don’t keep texting them to get a reply. Simply wait more time down the road and send them another positive thought. You don’t want to ask questions. At least not ones that may come across as if you are trying to get a hold of their life again. Positive reminders, movie or event suggestions, something you know they would be interested in. Something that says, “I was thinking about you” type of text will more likely get them to reply.

Intrigue Them With Curiosity

Another means to get them to reply or start engaging in texting with you would be. Pique their curiosity about what you are doing. This doesn’t mean play stupid and silly games. Using a fake boy/girlfriend or making up some exotic new lifestyle. You want to stay natural and real, being fake gets you nowhere.

Always keep the mystery about yourself. You should even do this in a healthy ongoing relationship. But like in the one example above, about seeing a movie. Keep the text short with no explanation. This could lead the other to wonder who you were watching the movie with.

Texting is a great tool to use to create mystery. I get text often from customers, that send half a text or questions but neglect to identify themselves. I have to say, they have me curious to know more.

Create the mystery by sending a short quick text like: Thought I would take a break from packing, exciting times ahead, hope you are doing well.

Text your ex back by saying: Hey, hope you are doing well. Hate to bother you but do you remember that restaurant that had those great juicy thick steaks?

Keep The Mystery

Do not offer any more information than needed. You are wanting to provoke an interest in what is going on with you. Even if the reply back inquiring what you’re doing. Keep the answers polite and short, keep the mystery. They are going to want to know why you are packing? If you’re moving or taking a trip and if so with who? Or why you asked about the restaurant, who are you going there with?

Text are great for this because you don’t have to be that convincing. No acting is required because they can’t see your face. You do however have to make it believable. It has to be natural and something that would actually be real and fit into your life. I wouldn’t make big whopper lies, lying is not a good way to build trust.

All you are trying to do here is start a non-intrusive and friendly conversation. Make no demands, no begging or anything that is going to push them away. Remember, you are both at this time on probation. You have to be on your best behavior if you really want to get them back.

How About Some Help

As I mentioned, if you don’t know what and when to send a text. You could possibly destroy any chance of getting your ex back all together. If you would like to learn how to master these techniques backed with a guarantee. Then you should check out Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back 2.0. This intensive guide teaches men and women how to bring their exes back. It utilizes simple text messages and a step-by-step 8-week system. Text Your Ex Back has helped tens of thousands of couples worldwide repair their relationships. You will get detailed guidance on which texts to send. How many, how often, and all the details you will need to win your ex back.

You can try to do it yourself but if you want it done right, then you go to a professional. Michael Fiore is a professional in this field. His system is a proven course that will teach you everything you need to know about texting an ex back.

Keep in mind, you or the other might not really be ready to date. If that is the case, nothing you do will work. So carefully think about of your ex is worth texting back before going any further.



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