Throughout time, people have scoffed at couple with an age gap. Some people don’t worry about, while others feel it is highly inappropriate. The fact is, there have been many long-lasting successful relationships between older men and younger women. In more modern times, it seems to be less of a concern with girls dating older men.

girls dating older men

There can be a limit to this however. I think it might be a bit creepy for a 60-year-old man dating a 19-year-old girl. But this has more to do with, a 19-year-old girl still hasn’t figured out who she is yet. And really, is the 60-year-old man looking to raise a daughter or darn a wife?

These topics have been an issue for centuries really, and this article isn’t to go over the moral implications, ageism or talk about the creepy factor. I want to talk more about young women that have some establishment in life, dating men that are older. What is the appeal for both?

Why Do Older Men Date Younger Women?

Even though this article is about girls dating older men, there are always two sides to every story. The most obvious reason an older man would want to date a younger woman is for sex. But is that really the case? I am sure sex can be a factor but in reality, the older women get, the better they are at sex. So, I would say it isn’t just sex.

Men find younger women attractive, these girls also remind older men of their younger days. As men age, they still see themselves with those young hot girls they dated in college. So younger women help older men still feel young.

Younger women are usually more fun. They usually have less stress that age brings. So they are more vibrant and have a much more positive energy men need to feel alive. Another advantage of dating younger women is the baggage. Younger women tend to have less baggage than older women do.

An older man having a younger partner is also good for the ego. It makes a man feel younger himself, it gives him his edge back. Plus, a younger woman, just creates a fresh and new experience for an older man.

Why Do Girls Like Dating Older Men?

Of course not all younger women want to date older men. I think it takes an openness and a maturity for girls dating older men. There are obviously gold diggers and women looking for a sugar-daddy and I will touch on that later.

Older men attract younger women because they offer stability. Most older men not only have assets like a house, transportation and a savings account. They also are more settled and not just looking to put another notch on their bed post.

The smarter younger women also know that older men have experience. Not only in life but knowing how to handle a woman. Younger men think that great sex is all about going fast and pounding a woman in bed. When the truth is, women like to experience more than just a good pounding. Older men know how to excite and make sex erotic and sensual and sexy.

You will find older men are usually kinder and more generous than younger men. Older men know how to be this way and not come off needy. Most younger guys just don’t have the cool swab persona. In fact, most younger guys get thrown into the friend zone. They want to offer gifts and do things that come off needy. Older men know how to offer the same at the right time.

Another reason girls dating older men is more forthcoming, is compatibility. Women are usually more mature intellectually and in culture. So, older men match younger women’s intellect and outlook on life more. Women like men with a plan and goals. Most young men lack this scope.

The Drawback To The Age Gap

Girls Dating Older MenThere is a point when the age gap could be too much. As I mentioned, a relationship between a 19-year-old girl and a 60-year-old man is a bit weird. Although, who is to say what age limit love has?

With that scenario, there would be a 40 year gap. You would have to consider, how long could that last? The man in his sixties, has maybe 10 years left to be somewhat active.

Girls dating older men is something to really think about. If the older man is really old, you will be growing into being his care-giver. That means helping him to the bathroom and pretty much taking care of a grown baby.

A large age gap can also mean communication problems. Slang and lingo are different through the generations. This could mean not having a lot in common, so less to share and talk about. The sex might be good but sex isn’t all that a relationship is about.

Things For The Girls To Be Cautious Of

There is no age limit when it comes to love, but as a young woman, you need to be careful. Some older men are just looking for an ego booster. An older man having a young woman hanging onto his arm is a trophy piece is just using you.

There are also those types of men that are just looking for a house keeper. Older men can be good at manipulating younger women. Just make sure you are not signing up for a house keeper or baby sitter job.

There is also the sad chance, that you will never be his real true love. Older men obviously have a past like anyone. However, if you are getting with a divorced man that was married for decades. He isn’t going to forget the ex too easily. Just don’t become a plaything that is a distraction from his rebound.

In any relationship, both should be top priority to each other. Meaning, that holding onto a past that much, is that much not holding onto you. Just don’t put yourself in a situation to be used, you want to be loved.

Things For The Men To Be Cautious Of

The biggest thing that all older men dating younger women need to pay attention to. Becoming a sugar-daddy. There are those type women that are looking for a nice man to pick up the tab for her life.

Don’t let the sex and the words, “I Love You,” be enough. It doesn’t matter the age at all. How a person treats you will show by how much they are really there for you. Let your heart, not your desires guide you.

Older men also need to be careful of younger women with the daddy syndrome. It has been proven, that women that date older men are not mostly out of having daddy issues. However, there are some cases that are just that. You do not want to be a young woman’s daddy figure; you want to be her lover.

As the same mention for the young women, communication gap. A younger woman might be enamored by and older man’s stories and his life style. However, for older people, they tend to feel lost and lonely when they feel misunderstood. A younger woman may not relate or grasp how you became who you are today. This will create an intellectual and emotional gap.

Another thing, as you get older, you become more content to settle with things. Younger people tend not to settle down so quickly. This can cause you to feel older than what you are or increase the loneliness due to the energy difference.


As I said, there is no age limit on love, we don’t really choose who we fall in love with. There has to be some moral and commonsense though. A 70-year-old man should no better and not even try with an 18-year-old girl. No matter if there was love, it wouldn’t be fair to her or the old man.

I am a romantic, I really don’t think age should be a huge factor in relationships. I think that two people should try and keep the gap no more than one generation. I say that because there can still be closer common interest that both will understand. But again, love is love.

No one should ever just date just to settle in a relationship. I think girls dating older men is perfectly fine as long as no one is using the other. In reality, with age gaps, it can be easy for either to use the other because of the age.

There are drawbacks to age gaps, but there are drawbacks in any kind of relationships. People that try and make long-distance relationships work. Coming from different up-bringing, different races to different cultures. Life and love aren’t perfect, why should age be anymore a factor than the rest? Follow your heart and just love someone and be happy.


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    Additionally, a lady witness quality of being reliably secure to her sensitive emotions with the matured companion. She feels she is in the best hands.

  • An interesting article. Some great points to think about. I will be 60 next year. However, at this point, I am not really interested in dating. I am still attracted to women of all ages. Sadly, physical appearance is still a biggy at this age.

    • Sadly it is more and more men every year that are losing their interest in dating women. Not that they are turning gay, it is just this woke crap and women trying to compete with men that is such a turn off. I mean, these men still would like to have sex with some hot women but anymore, the drama and the head games and the competing who is a better man, them or the guy, it just isn’t worth it. I really feel that the magic of love and romance is nearing its end. Men need to start being men again and women need to stop trying to be better than a man. There are ways to prove your worth without all the woke drama.

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