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After all these centuries, attracting women is still a mystery. There are so many misleading and confusing advice, form all sorts of experts. Even worse, boys are told by their moms, to be nice and gentlemanly. Boy’s dad’s, tell them to grab a girl and kiss her. Don’t forget all the guy’s older buddies and their lame advice. So, what are some techniques to attract women that really work?

Techniques To Attract Women

Over a course of a year, a survey was done on the dating life of men. Statistics showed, that over the period, the men’s dating life picked up. This was an experiment and observation but still fully natural. No suggestions were made to the men. So, the results are legitimate and real.

The men were asked what they learned over the year period and how they could advise other men. They reported the following 7 must have techniques to attract women.

1 – Make statements and don’t ask questions

Techniques To Attract WomenWhen making more statements than asking questions, makes a man appear more confident. Women find this more interesting and attractive. Often, when men ask a lot of questions. It shows he is not certain about things and gives off a sense of insecurity.

There are always times you are going to have to ask questions. However, limit the amount and also think about your question. Try delivering your questions at the right time. Most of your questions if any, should be to initiate her to talk about herself.

Also, don’t come off like you are a “know-it-all.” Coming off as a “know-it-all” is a turn off. It is also as bad, if not worse, than asking too many questions.

2 – Become that attractive confident man

Women have a keen sense of radar for guys that are just plain full of it. So, walking up to a girl and acting like your confident just isn’t going to cut it. To be confident is to feel it and to believe it. Confidence is something anyone needs to take on life period. Learn more about real confident men.

Find something about yourself that you know really well. Think about what you’re good at and are knowledgeable of. It doesn’t matter if it is the geekiest thing on the planet. List the things about yourself that you like and that you are happy about. Start feeling confident about that.

When approaching a girl, you are interested in. Go to that place in your mind of things you are confident about. This is now your secret, one that only you know. By doing this, you will promote a genuine confidence. You may want to practice on people you know or yourself. But these techniques to attract women will work.

Always focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative. Do not divulge every know moment of your life. You want to keep the mystery and promote fun. Women love to laugh, and guys that don’t come off intense or too serious.

3 – Being Nice!! What’s Wrong With You?

Techniques To Attract WomenAs hard as it is for a lot of guys, you are going to have to stop being so nice. Being overly nice to women, makes you appear needy and that you are seeking approval. This is an automatic stamp to the Friend Zone. Granted, you should be nice and polite. There is no need in being a jerk. You just need to limit your super nice persona.

Don’t be an uncaring ass. But always offering to put yourself out for others is a turn off. This frequently makes no real friends and kind of turns you into a doormat. By throwing out a nice gesture here and there keeps the mystery. You become unpredictable and you will find not only better success with women but a better potential for real friends.

You are not going to win her heart by offering to wash her car. However, you could end up in bed with her be offering to watch her wash her car in a sexy bikini. I would not try this approach until you get the hang of talking to women the right way.

By offering favors, gifts and dinners comes off as a non-emotional connection. Women are in tune with their emotions, more so than men. You would be more likely to get a date if you were in an argument. If you are still not clear, reverse the situation. Would you feel comfortably with some girl always offering favors and gifts? Are you really going to feel a connection?

4 – Never be ashamed of who you are and want you want

Being a man, is knowing what you want, and not being afraid to say so. Obviously, we do not live in the old westerns where you’re going to fight over silly opinions. However, if you don’t like something and you don’t want it, don’t be afraid to say something about it.

Always be respectful but don’t be flaky and back pedal. Do not keep changing your opinion to impress anyone. If you and a girl are talking about a song. It turns out she hates it but you love it, tell her you love it. This shows that you are a man and you have an opinion. It shows you know what you want and you stand by it. In other words, this is confidence. See how these techniques to attract women tie together?

5 – Never pretend to be someone you’re not

Techniques To Attract WomenThis again goes back to being fake. As mentioned, women can sense this. Even if they don’t at first, how long do you think you can carry the façade? You may think it would be difficult to be confident if you were homeless with nothing to your name. However, if you present yourself that this is the choice you made and own it, that shows belief in yourself.

You have to realize, no one can fully believe in you if you don’t. Finding a woman to do all the believing in you, is not realistic. If you don’t believe or like yourself, why would others?

Boasting and bragging is also the wrong way to go. You may have money and assets. But going on about them, using them as bait is also being fake. Even though you might pickup some women with talk of you Ferrari or yacht. You are still not really presenting yourself. These girls no doubt, are interested in anything but you. If you want something real, be yourself.

6 – Quit hiding behind and get out of your comfort zone

Just like working out with weights and, building muscle. You have to frequently get yourself out of your comfort zone. Think about it, if what you have tried up till now still isn’t working. That is telling you you’re going to have to do something different. Different doesn’t mean a variation of what you have been doing. It means push yourself to do things you’re not comfortable with.

Of course, this doesn’t mean start smoking or doing drugs or some extreme sport. You don’t want to ruin your health or get yourself hurt or killed. Look into dancing, learn how if you don’t know. Look at some of the people around and what their interest are. It wouldn’t hurt to look at what others are doing that you couldn’t imagine yourself doing. Stretch those social muscles and build that inner game.

To learn techniques to attract women, means an education. To learn is to try things you are not familiar with. The best technique to being able to talk to women. Start pushing yourself to strike up conversations with everyone. Don’t be a rambler or blabber-mouth, just learn how to have conversations. This will help immensely.

7 – What in the world is your body saying?

secret to attracting womenBody language guys, 93% of attraction is in body language. Things like posture; movement; touch; vocal tone; facial expressions and eye contact. If you’re not paying attention to this, you will be shot down before even getting out the first word.

Dragging your feet, walking towards a girl while looking down with a slouched posture. What do you think you are saying to her before you even get there? This just says, “I’m scared” – “I am not sure what to do or say”, everything saying you don’t’ have confidence”. This is like waving a flag, begging girls to reject you.

One of the strongest techniques to attract women is using body language. Your body projects what you are feeling. So, if you are sad, you will walk and carry yourself that way. Take notice of this next time you are thinking about approaching a woman. Put yourself in a happy, I can do this mood before she sees you.

Don’t Worry, There Is Help!!!

When I have looked for dating advice, programs or even coaches. I like to find the ones that follow basic human nature and common sense. Learning lines to spin off to a girl or trying to duplicate someone else’s actions is the sales pitch. You could use these lines or advice, but it isn’t the fix. The real truth is confidence, and the power of positive thinking. Follow products, programs and coaches that use this rule of thumb. By doing so, I think you will be a big success.

If you want to improve your confidence in dating, then I suggest getting the free eBook I am offering below. This is guide that shows you the steps you should follow to start attracting women. Inside you will also find information for a course that will turn your love life into a real success.


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