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If you noticed, today, there are very few real men left. Now we have little boys trying to play men. A man doesn’t worry how he looks in skinny jeans, nor would he even where them. Real men take on anything with confidence, which seems to be what is missing these days. So, where did the man go? Is this the end of real men?

where did the man go

There was a time when a man was a symbol of strength and his word was gold. Today, too many men are actually pretty boys. Many of this new age man, feel a sense of entitlement and spoiled. Some think their men because they are ready to fight over the most idiotic things. Others feel that manhood is getting as many women in bed as they can. But what is a real man, does anybody even know?

The New Age Man

Sadly, what used to be a man, a generation or two back, is no more. Men of the past had a quite strength, a subtle confidence, if you would. No matter the level, men then, had a confidence to them. The new age man lives on extremes. He is either way too confident, to the point of being a narcissist. Or to the extreme other end, of being a timid little boy.

Real men of the past, had a calming demeanor. They took on life with boldness and acceptance. The new age man lives almost in a tumultuous world. There is always drama and confusion. Then there is the extreme of the other end, which is lazy and useless.

Yet, another side of this new age man, is the little boy syndrome. This is where the little boys think they’re men based on a stupid attitude. They are always ready to get in a fight over nothing. There is no romance to them. Manhood is based on how many girls they can get into bed. All the while not caring about who they hurt or how their actions affect others.

I shouldn’t get started on their attire but I must. This wearing their pants so far down showing their underwear is highly retarded. Always looking like they just got out of bed. Apparently, they have no idea what grooming or self-dignity is. And why in the hell are these supposed men worried about how they look in skinny jeans?

What Is A Real Man?

where did the man goToday, we classify men types. We could say that the Alpha-Male is what a real man is. However, this isn’t true at all. Originally, an Alpha-Male has genuine confidence and was his own man. He didn’t need approval from anyone else to be the person he wanted to be.

This still holds true to some degree but has changed. Most Alpha-Males today seem almost angry. They tend to have a stand-offish persona. A little narcissistic and their demeanor is not one of natural confidence.

A man is someone that takes on responsibilities head on. It doesn’t matter if he wants to deal with it, or even if he knows how to. He handles it and owns it. Real men open doors for women and can show compassion. A real man will talk about his feeling and confess his fears.

Fighting is only for defense, not something to do to prove yourself. A real man can care less what someone else thinks or says, because he knows himself. He is convicted to his own ways and beliefs. Feminism doesn’t intimidate a real man, as this is part of his accepting attitude.

Real men accept people for who they are. They have no need to change everyone around them. A real man doesn’t live everyday being insecure. He promotes calmness and an easiness in every situation because he knows to accept it has to be dealt with. Above all, a real man has honor and shows and wants respect. His word means something, a forgotten virtue today.

Where Did The Man Go?

So, what exactly happened to the man, why is he such a little boy now? Why are there so many lazy useless guys and arrogant narcissist? Men today just don’t care; they can care less about you or themselves.

Could it be that the change of our social structure? I mean social media has strongly changed the way we live and people think the past 20 years. There is Woke Awareness, women demanding to be treated as equals. Then we now have politics shoved into our daily lives.

Do you really think that any of these are the real reasons or just excuses for men to fail as men? I don’t see why being more aware of hate cultures, racial prejudice and discrimination should make a man less. There certainly isn’t just cause for a man to stop being a man because women want to be treated as equals.

Perhaps the way politics and factions demanded the world be idiot proof, might have done it. A generation and more back, we played outside, we took chances. There is also this age of technology to blame. No more playing outside, now it is group games inside the house all day long.

Everything is setup to keep us all safe, so we don’t get hurt. That’s nice and all, but life is a chance. It is also learning and knowing how to do things. Things like parallel park a car. Come on, if you have to have a computer do that for you, just don’t drive!!!

Hardships And Skills Removed

With everything made to be easy, there are no challenges. No challenges, create a loss of accomplishment. Auto Body and other trades are being removed from vocational schools. Everything is learning to code something, keeping your hands clean.

Everyone has or will have a car at some point. But these days, all you need is a phone or App, and you’re set. So, if you have a flat tire, you call someone. Right there, a hardship of having to take care of the issue and the skill have been removed.

Women love for a guy to know how to take care of things. It shows confidence and the ability to learn. So, if a guy thinks he is being a man because he has an App and a phone, thing again. Where did the man go? He vanished because he lacked the skills and integrity he should have had.

Respectable Traits Removed

Today’s new age man has no compassion, no real morals, no respect and definitely no commonsense. Anything and everything goes; no principles whatsoever. Maturity is the biggest missing factor.

The new age men are little spoiled children, no real maturity. They want and expect to get what they want. These little boys take knee-jerk reactions to every situation. Usually making things worse.

When it comes to using their brains or imagination, you’re out of luck. These men have no commonsense. They have been brought up in a world that robs them to use their imagination. If you cannot use your imagination, then it blinds you to take a commonsense approach to problems.

Are Bad Boys Considered Men?

where did the man goBad-boys are pretend men, but they are the farthest from a man as you can get. Women fling to bad-boys like a fly on honey. This is because the bad-boy attitude presents a challenge and creates sexual attraction.

Bad-boys are almost what the new age man is now. They can care less about anyone. Using someone comes second nature and sex is a pastime and game to them. Women do not want to be treated badly or deal with liars.

Because of this cavalier attitude that bad-boys have, comes off as being masculine. Women love this and eat it up. However, it only lasts a short while before they realize how toxic the relationship is. Then they question where did the man go?

A bad-boy is in no way a man, it’s actually the complete opposite. You may wonder why they always get the girl over the nice guy. As I mentioned, they create sexual tension because they don’t care. Women like real men, and to them, a real man will let them know their intentions. Nice guys tend to take all the wrong avenues to win a woman’s heart.

Sex Ruins Manhood

where did the man goOne of today’s habits is sex. Too many people think that dating means, drinks and sex. This isn’t just men; women are as bad about it as well. We live in a world where pornography is almost a TV channel now. You can find it anywhere and easy to watch.

This sets unrealistic expectations in so many ways. Women are getting programed to think a real man is just going to bang her like in porn. For the men, they watch this and think this is what a real man does.

A real man can wear a woman out in bed. However, he does it to please her, not compete with a porn star. Real men also know how to make love to a woman. Even though wild sex can be fun and is needed from time to time. Both men and women enjoy love making. It allows them to emotionally connect beyond the physical.

Basing manhood purely off sex takes a guy so far from being a man, it’s laughable. In fact, a guy making everything about sex becomes creepy. It definitely makes him look like an immature little boy. So where did the man go? I can tell you; it isn’t into making pornography.

What Do Women Want In A Man?

First off, a woman wants a man, not a little boy. They also don’t want some guy kissing their butt all the time trying to win them through deeds. As mentioned above, a man emanates confidence. With his confidence, he knows how to let a girl know he is interested. See more on this by reading Romance In The 21st Century.

He can basically tell her he wants down her pants without coming off like a creep or pervert. Using body language, the right kind of gestures and eye contact, he can say it all. Too many nice guys want to approach a girl by offering her favors and gifts. Always agreeing with her or back pedal when he feels he said something she may not like.

This kind of behavior doesn’t show manliness at all. Women like for a man to take charge, be decisive. Give his opinion regardless if it aligns with hers. A man offers maturity and a calm demeanor.

By giving gifts, tons of compliments and washing her car, only puts you into the friend zone. If you want to date her, let her know you like her that way, make your intentions clear.

Is This The End Of Real Men?

Ask yourself, where did the man go? Could he still be inside you or are you too wrapped up in today’s society’s opinions. A man is not going to care what everyone else thinks, he is going to live by his own principles.

If you are just so into body piercings and tattoos to the point the real you can’t be found. Just go ahead and accept you will never be a man, or taken seriously. Tattoos are fine to stand for something, but when you look like a wall of graffiti. What is it you are trying to say, other than you really have nothing to say? The attitude that “a little is good, but a lot is better,” is immature.

How To Be A Man

Ask yourself this. Are you just wanting to find your manliness to pick up a girl, or to better yourself? The way to become a man is to improve yourself for you. Once you are happy with who you are, the rest will come into play.

Learn to be a nice guy with loads of self-confidence. If you are a nice guy and really care about others, never give that up. However, you need to learn how to be more assertive and communicate. If you are looking to be successful with women, then communications and assertiveness is key. You just need confidence and confidence will improve more than just a dating life.

If you are looking for help to be more of a man, then I have an option for you. There is a dating program I ran across that I thought filled more than just dating. After reviewing it, I saw right off the bat, this is a great blueprint to build confidence. So, this might be good for both areas. Check it blow.


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