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How To Write An Online Dating Profile For Men

How many times have you tried online dating only for it to only end in a failure? If you do manage to get a woman to talk to you, they seem to disappear or the conversations dwindle out. Of course the most common thing to happen to us men is that you can message a hundred women and never get a response, nor does it seem any women are writing to your profile.

The next thing you know, you start doubting yourself, thinking the worst things about yourself and then watch your self-esteem and confidence go down the drain, is there any hope? Well don’t despair, because there are people that can show you how to write an online dating profile for men, not a generic one for everyone, one just for the guys.

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Prerequisites for dating

Have you been trying to get out and date with not so favorable results? Does it seem that every time you put yourself out there, try and reach out to someone, it blows up in your face? Or every time you meet someone, it’s either they don’t live up to your expectations or you don’t seem to fill theirs?

It can be so disheartening, ego bruising and a destruction of your self-esteem and self-confidence. There is a reason why people fail at dating, it is due to no prerequisites for dating and have you guessed what the prerequisites are? That’s right my friend, it’s all you.

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How to make her want you

The dreaded “Friend Zones”, it isn’t the best place to be in but it seems so many men and women are stuck in this scenario. Why you may ask? Is it because people have lost the art of flirting, women have higher expectations or that men are just not men anymore?

It’s said to “just be yourself”, that it is the best way to win a woman’s heart but quickly for men, they find themselves locked into the Friend Zone. You see a woman you really want to get to know, to date but you might feel you have to be someone else to get her romantic attention, then you aren’t being yourself. Being nice and buying her stuff isn’t working, doing favors and always complimenting only seems to be burying you deeper as a friend, so “How To Make Her Want You”? Continue reading

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